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Parking Regulations

Speed Limits

The speed limit on college roadways is 20 mph. In parking lots it is reduced to 10 mph.


Should a motor vehicle accident occur, contact the CVC Police immediately.

Parking Areas

Free parking for students, employees and visitors is located south and west of the campus. For those who wish to park closer to the campus, parking meters are located directly in front of Building L and in the parking lot just south of the gymnasium. Fees collected from the parking meters are used to support student activities.

Parking Violations

Citations will be issued by campus police in the event that a violation of college policies and/or federal, state and local laws has occurred. Possible violations include: Parking in grass, fire lanes, reserved parking spaces, unauthorized areas, DART bus stops, walkways or double parking in any area. In addition, citations will be issued to individuals who park in a disabled parking space without an identifying official disabled placard/tag, or to those who falsely use another individual's disabled placard/tag to park in a disabled parking space.

Reserved Parking

Reserved parking spaces for administrators, faculty, and staff are marked with signage and are striped in yellow.

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