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Student Clubs and Organization Listing

Student clubs allow individuals to discover and pursue special interests, abilities and skills, and to assume leadership roles in the community. Students interested in joining a student club or forming a new one should contact either the club advisor listed or the Office of Student Life. The Office of Student Life is located in Room D-104, first floor of the campus student center building, and can be reached at 972-860-8233.

All student clubs must be recognized by the Office of Student Life. Currently recognized clubs include:

African American Student Association (AASA)
Purpose: To exemplify the importance and excellence of the Black/African American heritage and desire to bring forth unity amongst the student body and all organizations as a whole.
Advisor: Gurol Green 972-860-8064

Baptist Student Ministry
Purpose: Fellowship, Development and mission.
Advisor: John Graff 972-860-8284

Bilingual Student Ambassadors
Purpose: To assist students and parents to successfully remove barriers that would prevent academically prepared students from pursuing a college career.
Advisor: Fidel Guevara 972-860-8048

Brother 2 Brother
Purpose: To bring young men together for purpose and strength.
Bob Stewart 972-860-2983

Purpose: The cheerleading club teaches leadership and teamwork while cheering for the CVC basketball team. Advisor: Andrea Anderson 972-860-2994

Commercial Music Association
Purpose: To cultivate the college community and neighboring society by sharing, promoting, and developing appreciation for all genres of music.
Advisors: Pamela Irwin 972-860-8158
Kathryn Brown 972-860-2999

Dance Club
Purpose: Develop leadership, encourage school spirit and to better CVC's campus excitement.
Advisor: Stacia Woodlan 972-860-8230

Do Something Club
Purpose: To provide students who have a desire to serve or volunteer an opportunity in the community and abroad.
Advisor: Anaka Johnston 972-860-2976

Family Music Theater Club
Purpose: To support the Family Music Theater Program, for the community, campus, and student enrichment through musical theater.
Advisor: Sam Germany 972-860-8134
Stacia Woodlan 972-860-8230

Fashion Club
Purpose: To help establish a more confident community showing inside and outer beauty.
Advisor: Andrea Anderson 972-860-2994

Gamers on Campus
Purpose: To analyze the perspectives of video games in society.
Advisor: Mike Alford 972-860-8146

Gay/Straight Alliance
Purpose: To support, counsel, and fellowship among the community as a whole.
Advisor: Lewis Giles 972-860-8257

Health Professionals Club
Purpose: Share and inform all aspects of the professional medical field.
Advisor: Mari Brock 972-860-8277
Jennifer Seimantel 972-860-8024
Clayton Hancock 972-860-8097

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)
Purpose: To enrich people's lives with the greatness of the Latin Culture and society.
Advisors: Jose Rodriguez 972-860-8082

Men of Distinction
Purpose: To uplift our young men on campus through leadership, scholarship and community.
Advisors: Gurol Green 972-860-8064
Shawn Johnson 972-860-2974

Nation to Nation Club
Purpose: Discovering different cultures from around the world and making world problems known to Americans.
Advisor: Geraldo Vega 972-860-8159

Phi Theta Kappa
Purpose: To participate in self-government through a Democratic process, practice the fundamentals of citizenship and civic responsibility, develop qualities of leadership, and promote an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals.
Advisors: Tommy Thompson 972-860-8272
Rebekah Rios-Harris 972-860-8294
Miyoshi Holmes 972-860-8237

Poetry- Literary Club
Purpose: To increase/promote literary awareness of and an appreciation for various literary genres.To express reality through written and spoken word.
Advisor: Rebekah Rios-Harris 972-860-8294

SACM: Sci-fi, Anime, and Comics Movement
Purpose: To enrich the academic environment of CVC by stimulating the growth and appreciation of Sci-fi, Comics, and Anime to raise awareness of the cultures they derive from.
Advisor: Bill Crawford 972-860-8046

Purpose: To bring sociology to CVC in a fun and educational networking environment for all students.
Advisor: Sangeeta Sinha 972-860-5218

SPACE Club – Students for Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry and Engineering
Purpose: To inspire interest in and initiate a deeper knowledge of science as well as to serve as a forum where those interested in scientific pursuits can meet, exchange ideas and obtain support in a free-spirited, non critical way.
Advisors: Christina Reeve Shull 972-860-8168,
Olivettee Hill 972-860-8297

Student Ambassadors
Purpose: Students selected to serve as Ambassadors will represent CVC during high school outreach, campus tours, official college functions, community activities, conferences, new student orientation and special campus events.
Advisor: Fidel Guevara 972-860-8084
Lisa Butler972-860-8238

Student Government Association
Purpose: To serve and voice the needs of the students by acting as a liaison between the student body and the faculty/administration.
Advisors: Miyoshi Holmes 972-860-8237
Harold Hankerson 972-860-8233
Shaun Gilligan (972)860-2997

Student Leadership Institute (SLI)
Purpose: To help students learn the building blocks of effective leadership and become leaders in their communities.
Advisor: Miyoshi Holmes 972-860-8237
Lauren Wesley-Anderson 972-860-8257

Study Abroad
Purpose: To promote global learning for Cedar Valley Students.
Advisors: Olivia Guerra 972-860-8067
Miyoshi Holmes 972-860-8237

Purpose: To encourage physical activity through tennis.
Advisor: Paul Wisden (972)860-8178
Tyrn Harper 972-860-8088

THEM -Theatre Helping Education Move
Purpose: To use student created group performance to encourage students in this service area to further their educational choices.
Advisors: Dan Rogers 972-860-8075
Anne Nocher 972-860-8123

Veterinarian Technology Student Association (VTSA)
Purpose: To promote the profession of veterinarian technology, interact with the community and provide a social organization for our students.
Advisor: Aleta Chavez 469-554-5836
Crystin Waters972-860-8127
Stacy Gregoire 972-860-8101

Women of Divinity
Purpose: To uplift our young women on campus through leadership, scholarship and community.
Advisor: Virginia Pate 972-860-2902
Jackie Rhinehart 972-860-8274

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