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Emergency Evacuation Plan for Students with Disabilities

It is important that Cedar Valley College establish an emergency evacuation plan for students with disabilities. Each classroom instructor shall ask for volunteer assistants in case of an emergency evacuation. Please make note of these volunteers and periodically remind them of these procedures. Evacuation assistance is not meant to place any student or staff in danger, but to assist persons with disabilities to the safest stairwell in your building, and advise students of its location. Since it is a good policy to be prepared, the following procedures shall be implemented.

Persons in wheelchairs (2 students/volunteers)
Instructors shall ask for 2 students/volunteers to assist persons in wheelchairs to the nearest and safest stairwell or exit and wait with them until Emergency Personnel and/or Campus Police arrive to offer further assistance. The second person will notify College Police at 972-860-4290 (if calling from cell phone) or 911(from any campus phone) of the individual in wheelchair remaining in the building and their location. Do not allow the wheelchair to block the stairwell/exit.

Persons with visual or hearing impairments (1 student/volunteer)
Tell the person the nature of the emergency, or write the word "FIRE", "BOMB" or whatever the nature of the emergency is, place the individual's hand on your elbow, then escort the person to the nearest emergency exit. Guide dogs as well as support dogs are trained to do exactly as its owner commands.

Persons using walkers or crutches (1 or 2 students/volunteers)
Such students should be asked if assistance would be needed in case of an emergency evacuation.

If you have any questions, please call Grenna Rollings or Krystle Singleton at 972-860-8119.

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