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Interview Process

A. Preparation

  1. Appearance
  2. Résumé
  3. Interview Style (see section III)
  4. Courtesy
  5. Conversation Style (see part C)
  6. Arrive early
  7. Review the questions you want to have answered by the time you come out of the building

B. Introduction
1. Good Delivery

  1. Smile
  2. Firm Handshake (not a bone crusher)
  3. Eye contact (says you're honest/sincere)
  4. start conversations with a cheery greeting and professional manner

C. Develop a Conversational Style of Communication

  1. Follow the information
  2. If you don't understand the question - ask the interviewer to explain or clarify, so you can give a focused answer.
  3. If you don't know the answer, say so. Tell the interviewer you will look it up when you return home or back to the office, and do so.
  4. Get names and positions, so they are mentally stored.

D. During the Interview Illustrate

  1. Skills
  2. Education
  3. Experience

Note: Match a need that has been identified in the exchange.

E. Closing

  1. State your interest. (company and position)

A. Physical Manifestations. DO NOT:

  1. lean out of the chair
  2. no finger tapping
  3. lip biting
  4. toying with jewelry or hair
  5. adjust clothes
  6. cover your face
  7. chew gum or eat candy

B. Eye contact is so important, it establishes a bond between you and the interviewer. This usually takes about five seconds, so don't stare.

C. Take time to dress appropriately.

  1. Wear nothing that dangles or makes noise.
  2. Reduce heavy makeup.
  3. No heavy colognes, perfume or after shave.
  4. Wear clothes that fit you. Wear conservative style suits, clothes, shoes, ties, blouses and shirts.

D. Body Language

  1. Don't slouch or droop when you sit, stand, or walk.
  2. Don't talk too loudly, or so softly you can't be heard.

E. Conversation

  1. Keep religion and politics out of the conversation.


  1. Phone Interviews - awkward because neither parties can see each other.
  2. Behavioral Interviews: - based on the theory that past behavior is predictive of future success. Questions are about skills, character, and preferences, based on examples from past work or school experiences.
  3. Conversational Interviews: Preferred in today's marketplace.
    1. Leads to more candid responses
    2. Honest and forthright responses
  4. Competency-Based Interviews - More for technical and managerial job interviews. Based on scientifically and psychol
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