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Table of Level I Certificates

Short-term, TSI Exempt certificates leading to Associate degrees

AccountingCertificate: Level I - Accounting Assistant 31-35
AccountingCertificate: Level I - Accounting Clerk 16-18
Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Tech – Residential Certificate: Level I - Technician I 24
Automotive Technology Certificate: Level I - Chassis Service Technician 15
Automotive Technology Certificate:Level I - Electronics and Climate Controls Technician 17-18
Automotive Technology Certificate: Level I - Engine Repairs and Performance Technician 26-28
Automotive TechnologyCertificate: Level I - TransmissionService Technician17-18
Automotive Technology/Diesel and Heavy EquipmentCertificate: Level I - PreventiveMaintenance Technician30
Business AdministrationCertificate: Level I - HumanResources Assistant18-19
Commercial Building Performance TechnologyCertificate: Level I GreenEnergy in Buildings25
Commercial MusicCertificate: Level  I - MusicBusiness and Entrepreneurship22
Commercial MusicCertificate: Level I -Performing Musician25-26
Commercial MusicCertificate: Level I - RecordingTechnology (One-year)21
Commercial MusicCertificate: Level I - Recording Technology (Two-year)39
Computer GraphicsCertificate: Level I - ComputerGraphics33-34
Computer GraphicsCertificate: Level I - Computer Graphics Specialist 18-22
Computer Information – Networking SecurityCertificate: Level I - Networking Support20-24
Computer Information – PCSupportCertificate: Level I - HelpDesk/User Support Technician24
Computer Information – PC Support Certificate: Level I - PersonalComputer User20
Computer Information – PCSupportCertificate: Level I -Technology Support16
Criminal JusticeCertificate: Level I – BasicCriminal Justice18
Criminal JusticeCertificate: Level I – CriminalJustice (30 hours)30
Engine TechnologyCertificate: Level I – Marine/Small Engine Technology23
Engine TechnologyCertificate: Level I - Motorcycle Technology27
Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Manufacturing TechnologyCertificate: Level I – Inventory Control Technician16
Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Manufacturing TechnologyCertificate: Level I – Logistics Distribution Technician16
Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Manufacturing TechnologyCertificate: Certificate: Level I – Production Process Technician16
ManagementCertificate: Level I - Management30
ManagementCertificate: Level I - Supervisor18
MarketingCertificate: Level I - Customer Service Representative18
MarketingCertificate: Level I - SalesMarketing Associate (FCI Prison Only)18
MarketingCertificate: Level I - Sales Marketing Associate18
MarketingCertificate: Level  I - AssistantManager (FCI Prison Only)14-16
Real EstateCertificate: Level I - RealEstate16-17
Residential Building Performance TechnologyCertificate: Level  I Rater/Building Performance Specialist21
Veterinary TechnologyCertificate: Level I - LargeAnimal Assisting16
Veterinary TechnologyCertificate: Level I - Small Animal Assisting20-21
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