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Careers in Criminal Justice

Corrections | Courts | Forensic Science | Law Enforement | Private Security

Careers in Corrections

Correctional Treatment Specialist
  • Provide guidance/support to inmate population
  • Work solely with inmate confines
  • Appointment at GS-9
Corrections Counselor
  • Guide and counsel inmates during their incarceration
  • Conduct individual and group counseling sessions
  • Strong interest in helping others
Corrections Officer
  • Guard, observe, and supervise inmates in a correctional facility
  • Sensitivity to other people
  • Rotating shifts
Juvenile Justice Counselor
  • Counsel juveniles assigned to state youth division
  • Work with juveniles from Persons in Need of Supervision to hard core adolescents
  • Work frequently performed in an institutional setting
Parole Officer
  • Employed in correctional facility or private agency
  • Investigate and take action for parole violations
  • Training in firearms
Pre-Release Program Correctional Counselor
  • Counsel clients
  • Help in transition from custody to society
  • Must be able to interact well with inmates
Pre-Release Program Employment Counselor
  • Provide vocational guidance for those soon to be released from incarceration
  • Requires strong communication skills
  • Work entails placement of hard-to-employ clients
Pre-Release Program Halfway House Manager
  • Similar to a corrections officer/prison administrator
  • Requires strong administrative skills
  • Must be willing to work all shifts and weekend
Probation Officer
  • Conduct presentence reports and evaluations concerning release conditions
  • Work to rehabilitate and supervise offender once released
  • Human relations skill a must
Juvenile Probation Officer
  • Provide intake, investigation, and supervising service to family court for juveniles
  • Requires desire to work with<
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Careers in the Courts

  • Interprets laws, serve as advocates/advisors
  • Conduct research and write legal briefs
  • Represent clients in civil or criminal court
  • Uniformed law enforcement; provide courtroom security
  • Escort prisoners, jury members
  • Requires high school diploma and passing grade on Civil Service Examination
Court Administrator
  • Perform administrative and management functions within the court
  • Assist judge with court calendar, case flow, personnel management
  • Knowledge of law important
Court Clerk
  • Clerical assistant with a variety of administrative responsibilities
  • Maintain case records
  • Prepare statistical reports
Court Liaison Counselor
  • Assist and counsel defendants charged with crimes
  • Evaluate and initiate treatment plans
  • Make referrals to support agencies
Court Reporter (Short-Hand Reporter)
  • Record all trial proceedings with the use of stenographic machine
  • Must pass certifying exam as court reporter
  • Knowledge of legal vocabulary essential
Court Representative
  • Ascertain eligibility for alternative to detention services
  • Heavy interaction with defendant population
  • Requires some related experience and education for appointment
Domestic Violence Counselor
  • Assist/counsel victims of domestic violence
  • Possess strong human relations skills
  • Varied work hours
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Careers in Forensic Science/Criminalistics

Ballistics Specialists
  • Examine weapons used in commission of crimes
  • Conduct identification of guns to functional tests of firearms
Toolmark Specialist
  • Identifies the tools or objects used by criminals at the scene of a crime
  • Involved in the investigation of motor vehicle theft
Serology Specialist
  • Conducts laboratory analyses of body fluids (such as blood, urine, semen)
  • Performs extensive chemical tests to determine content level of drugs or alcohol
Fingerprint Specialist
  • Responsible for collecting, classifying, analyzing, and identifying the fingerprint impressions
  • Should be detailed oriented and able to exercise patience
  • Must take civil service examination
Arson Specialist
  • Employed by various police, and fire departments and insurance companies
  • Determines origin and cause of fire, through collection of evidence
Document Specialist
  • Involves a minute comparison of questioned handwriting with known handwriting
  • Determines whether or not handwriting is forged
Polygraph Specialist
  • Conduct examinations of individuals to learn if responses are truthful
  • Special skills and training are mandatory
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Careers in Law Enforcement

Air Safety Investigator
  • Investigate aircraft incidents
  • Prepare factual reports of findings
  • Required pilot in command (flight time) hours
  • Knowledge of aircraft design and aviation practices
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Careers in Private Security

  • Leadership position that entails the ability to make policy decisions
  • Consults and advises superiors in upper management
  • Responsible for personnel administration
  • Must be able to deal with people and collect evidence
  • Must be able to work well under pressure
  • Must have a working knowledge of how technological equipment operates
Protective Specialist
  • Patrol a designated area
  • Duties include checking gates, locks, windows, and doors
  • Training in firearms and self-defense preferred
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