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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to be a law enforcement officer?
You must be 21 years old to hire on at a law enforcement agency. There is an exception; however if you are at least 18 years old with at least 60 college-level hours you are eligible to be hired at an agency.
What are the minimal educational requirements to be a law enforcement officer?
All law enforcement officers must have a high school diploma or equivalency to take the TCOLE examination. Some agencies have specific education requirements; contact the agency you are considering for more educational requirement information.
Where can I work after I pass TCOLE?
After passing TCOLE, you are eligible to apply to any law enforcement agency in Texas. Contact the agency you are considering and be aware of any specific agency requirements.
Will too may traffic violations hinder my acceptance into the law enforcement academy?
Your driving history shows your ability to abide by the traffic laws. The agency you apply with probably will require you submit a 3-year Texas DPS driving history for evaluation.
I received deferred adjudication for a Class A Misdemeanor. Can I still be a Police Officer?
No, an adult Class A Misdemeanor or felony conviction or court-ordered community supervision (adjudicated or deferred) is a lifetime disqualification for licensure as a peace officer in the state of Texas. However, there is an exception. You should discuss your situation with an academy official.
Do I need to have both a psychological and a physical examination prior to enrolling?
Yes, both a psychological and physical examination is required prior to enrolling in the basic licensing course.
Can a nurse-practitioner conduct my physical exam and drug screening?
No, you must have been examined by a physician, selected by our academy that is licensed by the Texas Medical Board. Why, because the physician must be knowledgeable of law enforcement officer duties.
Will I be O.C. sprayed?
"It is voluntary but recommended. While it is an unpleasant experience, it is well worth it. Agencies are impressed with applicants that have already been O.C. trained in the academy."
Will I be tasered?
"It is voluntary but recommended. The pain is intense but does not last long. The benefits of carrying a taser are incredible. Suspects tend to stop resisting when they see the taser on your hip."
Can I become a peace officer in Texas if I am a peace officer in another state?
It depends on your work history and training. Every situation is different so contact TCOLE with your situation to request an Out Of State Exam Endorsement. With this endorsement you are eligible to take the TCOLE examination at our academy testing site.
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