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Those words changed my life forever. I decided to go home and work very hard, not to let her down. She recommended me to go to TRIO to get English tutoring and I found a tutor who taught me how to compose independently. Drops of tears fell onto every piece of work. I wrote and wrote on my journal until I completed my class and I ended with a "B." My math teacher helped me in a similar way. Soon, I found myself getting all "As." Several years later, I graduated with an Associates Degree from Cedar Valley. Because of my grades, I had become a member of Phi Theta Kappa, which allowed me to get a half scholarship to attend to SMU. At this point not a thing was stopping me. Cedar Valley had given me the tools to learn how to learn.

At the end, I found myself at UTA where I earned a Bachelor in Spanish with a minor in Mathematics. I obtained a state certificate in the content area for Spanish. I also obtained a certificate for the POPT in Spanish. Currently am completing my last two classes, at the graduate level, to get a Spanish teaching certificate.

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