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This was the beginning of a new future. The class ended on the beginning of December and by the end of the month I decided to take my GED test. I passed every subject on my first try. After I received the results, I registered for college classes. Soon after, I found myself in a regular English class. I felt that I was not supposed to be there, that I did not belong there. I was much older than the other students and I could not write or speak English well at all. My first day, hesitantly, I waited for my teacher to arrive. I found a place at the left corner, behind a computer, hoping not to be noticed by my instructor. I was shaking with fear. When she came in, I saw a self-secure teacher who had a soft smile on her face. She prompted to write about us. I could not write at all. I felt that a first grader could write better than I. By the end of class and with a peer's help, I had written two sentences asking for help. She knew what was going on because on her feedback she wrote, "You will be fine." I raise my face and I saw a hope in her eyes as she was looking at me. I felt that she believed in me.

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