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After I successfully finished two ESL courses and with my hard situation at home, I decided to buy a GED book. I tried to learn, but I could not pass the first subject. I went back and forth trying to understand the English. Math was hard too. Almost two years passed, when I read somewhere about a GED preparation course that Cedar Valley was offering and I decided to register for the course.

On the first day of class, I was feeling insecure and with great hope I was putting my future in the teacher's hands. When she asked to introduce our selves, I could hardly say a word. When she asked to write a letter about our expectations, I wrote several very choppy sentences that I had previously memorized. On her feedback she advice me to write small simple sentences and that I would be fine in the composition. Similar to this, she taught me clear strategies about how to test for math and the rest of the subjects. I passed the class and she told me that I was ready to take the GED test. That was like a little light at the end of a dark tunnel.

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