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About the TBODC Center

The Texas Business Opportunity Workforce Development (TBODC) Center was created, as a national initiative of the Federal Highway Administration, to maximize resources and enhance the effectiveness of both the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs. This TBODC program is dedicated to the development of viable businesses and a strong relationship within the transportation industry.

To meet growing transportation needs, the Texas Department of Transportation invites construction firms to bid for highly competitive highway contracts. Often, the bidding process excludes smaller, less well-connected firms. Overwhelmingly, these include minority contractors.

Cedar Valley College is known for excellence in teaching and is committed to providing the DBE's in the construction industry with the tools and support needed to successfully realize their goals and dreams. Cedar Valley is proud to be one of only three TBOD programs in the State of Texas.

TBODC offered over 20 Continuing Education classes at Cedar Valley College in 2009.

Page Modified: 12/3/2009 10:14 AM
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