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CVC Values Compact

Cedar Valley College, a community of learners working together, has at its heart the enrichment of educational and cultural needs of the students and the communities we serve. We are committed to the pursuit of academic, scientific, occupational, and professional distinction. We affirm the following values:

Student Success - putting students first and continuously improving our services to them;

Integrity - being open, honest, fair, and ethical in all of our interactions;

Accountability - being personally responsible, reliable, and dependable;

Inclusiveness - appreciating and respecting diversity in all its forms, including skills, knowledge, and individual contributions;

Teamwork - working together collaboratively and respectfully to implement the goals of the college;

Excellence - maintaining the highest standards for employees and for our students;

Communication - maintaining appropriate systems for the open sharing of information;

Trust - creating a safe environment for employees and students to voice opposing views and to take risks;

Civility - modeling courtesy, helpfulness, and positive attitudes;

Joy - sharing a climate that encourages humor, laughter, fun, and that celebrates accomplishments.